A live of a construction site

Public: aged 9 to 14 year olds
Duration : 4 hours
Price: 8€ per pupil (admission included)
Only in French.

The lord of Chinon is looking for builders to erect his new fortress. Will you be one of them & meet the challenge?
Join your trade (carpenter, roper, stonemason…), take your tools & experience the know-how of your corporation to find out how to solve the technical difficulties of a medieval construction site.
Cooperation & ingenuity will be your allies to reach the end of this mission!


The Minting of money

Public: aged 6 to 11
Duration : 1 hour
Price: 4€ per pupil
only in French

The French king has just opened a money workshop in Chinon. Once remembered the different phases of trade until today & trained in minting money the students faithfully reproduce a “Gros” coin, known as Florette of Charles VII.