Bring the kids to one of the biggest Fortresses in France.
Explore on your own or join a guide and take your kids back to the Middle Ages !



Explore the Fortress with the kids at your own pace. Peruse temporary exhibitions and specially-designed educational tools.

Suitable for : all ages 
Duration : 1.5 hours
Price : 1.50 € per child aged over 7*

*free for under 7s.



Booking required.
Kids can enjoy a summer activity at the fortress in July and August (only in french).
Please contact the Fortress booking department for further information. 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Suitable for : 6-13 years old
Duration : 1 hr
Price :  2.50 € per child*

Only in french



Booking required.
Milestone moments and key figures give kids a real insight into the Fortress.

Suitable for : 7– 13 years old
Duration : 1 hr
Price : 1,5 € per child*


Histopad TOUR

If you're visiting with a small group of children,
If you're looking for a trip that's both educational and fun,
If you want to explore a historical site using current technology,
Then ask for our Histopad !

Suitable for : 7 – 13 years old
Duration : 1.5 hrs
Price : 4 € per child.

*Special rate for leisure centres.