The exhibition presents collections of weapons and armour following the main stages in a king’s life. Focusing on the worlds of fantastical tales, the exhibition reveals objects from fantasy fi lms in a dialogue with the historical weapons and armour that inspired them. It takes inspiration from epic sagas from TV and the movies: Excalibur, Game of Thrones, The Lord of the Rings.



This exhibition is a chance to explore collections of historical arms and armour from our museums and from fantasy films.

Today’s pop culture draws heavily on history and museum pieces.

Bringing history and pop culture together creates an obvious gateway for young generations, and older ones too. It is a different approach that enables all generations to look afresh at important and ancient pieces.

© Léonard de Serres

In all historical or fictional works, royal characters are based on references to medieval and modern monarchs. Bearing arms represents one of the variations of this corps-décor which symbolises military might and the prestige of kings and queens.

How do these historical figures feed into modern pop culture works? This is one part of the story this exhibition invites you to explore in the four rooms of the royal apartment of Charles VII. The exhibition continues in the Clock Tower with a series of photos of cosplayers all involved in projects linked to the royal personage.

Dates: from May 21st to November 7th, 2022

Public: for all

Price: included in your entrance fee