The free and named junior card is valid for 1 year

Monuments and museums are for family outings !
"Become an apprentice sculptor, knight or illustrator... with discounts available with the junior card"

Get discounts on family workshops all year with the junior card :


Forteresse royale de Chinon

Musée de la Préhistoire du Grand-Pressigny 

Prieuré Saint-Cosme Demeure de Ronsard in La Riche 

Cité royale de Loches

Domaine de Candé in Monts 

Musée Balzac in Saché 

Musée Rabelais in Seuilly 

How to use

1st workshop : full price - 2nd-6th workshop: discounted - 7th workshop free!

Full price : 9 € for over 7s.

Discounted price : 7 € for under 7s.

(Prices apply from January 1st 2018)